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AllStream was founded in Murphy, Texas, with the sole mission of helping people rebuild their lives by finding appropriate jobs in the energy sector. With the global economy being unstable and unpredictable, one thing remains for certain: the world needs energy to run on. These were our initial thoughts when we first started thinking about this endeavor. The energy sector is one of the few sectors where finding a job is almost guaranteed. On the other hand, the Internet’s vast reach has shaped our lives in numerous ways the past few decades, and we have now reached a point where finding an appropriate job position is not solely dependent on your skills and your resume. An actual thorough and exhausting search on the web is required to find the vacancies that might interest you, that might be compatible with your skills and might be at a convenient location. We are here to eliminate all that trouble by simplifying the process and finding your dream job for you. Although, oil and natural gas might the conventional sources of energy nowadays, the world is ready to turn over a new leaf and focus more on renewable sources of energy such as the energy from the sun and the wind. Most importantly, renewable sources of energy lead to new job vacancies in factories and power plants that are waiting to be filled by you. We created to make your search simpler, faster and more efficient. All that is required is to sign up for our site, post your resume and search for available jobs posted by hundreds of companies around the globe. So far, AllStream has managed to put America to work, helping innumerable everyday people find jobs that meet their financial and topological needs. Our website was designed for uncomplicated use and fast browsing. From the Home Page, you can monitor the latest job opportunities in case you spot something that might interested you or you can perform a more advanced search by describing your dream job with a couple of keywords and selecting the location that best suits your current needs. Our advanced algorithm will take of everything for you; it will find the job positions that match your search criteria, it will push your resume and if you have what it takes, your dream job can possible become more than a dream for you. Undoubtedly the most powerful and useful feature of our site that sets us apart from similar job-finding sites is the ability to conduct online interviews. Applicants who have signed-up for a profile and applied for a job, can be contacted and interviewed in real time by simply logging on the website, without installing any additional application. In addition to our innovative website, we also have a powerful online presence with our social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ are currently integrated with our website and we post all the newly available job positions there as well. If we only had one mission in mind, it would be to empower employment while further expanding our reach all over the globe. We are striving to organize all the world’s human capital data and make it meaningful for society. We thank you for choosing us to help you make your dream life a reality.

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Recruitment Consultant Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
1 year, 2 monthsFull Time

Job Category General

Experience 2 - 5 Years

Salary AED {{ job.salary|default:'---' }} / Month (Negotiable)

Description The Recruitment Consultant will have high level of sales experience, undertakes business development to generate new leads, research and candidate sourcing skills, negotiation techniques, attention to detail and proficient in using Microsoft Office applications, Job Boards and Applicant Tracking Systems

Job Details

Reports to: Recruitment Manager (RM)

Language Skills required: English, Arabic Preferable 

Undertakes business development to generate new leads and sell workforce solutions 

Key Responsibilities 
  • Researches and acquires prospective client contact information using a variety of information sources such as LinkedIn, asking current or prospective candidates and contractors for client contact information, work referees and organization charts.
  • Uses data stream for market information to map out client contacts in investment prospects that offer potential business lead generation. 
  • Utilizes any other available market information such as media or press releases to track investments. 
  • Record all sales activity on the company database. 
  • Qualifying the prospective client information received to ensure the contact is the decision maker in a recruitment process.
  • Initial contact with prospective clients and schedules regular communication with clients  identifying potential business that could be earned using the market research and asking the clients about upcoming projects and activities.
  • Arranging meetings with clients

Essential Criteria 
Previous sales experience within the GCC
Strong reporting and presentation skills
Experience with presenting to Senior level stakeholders

Qualification Bachelor Degree

Vacancies 3

Languages Known ---

Skills Required ---