Marine Offshore Supervisors

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Oil And Gas

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Full Time


United Arab Emirates




Monitor marine traffic off the project and coordinate the movement and routing of ‎vessels, barges to ensure compliance with OPCO SIMa’s, National & International ‎Regulations

Job Details

a)‎ Monitor marine traffic off the project and coordinate the movement and routing of ‎vessels, barges to ensure compliance with OPCO SIMa’s, National & International ‎Regulations.‎ b)‎ Keep projects’ vessels informed of any hazards to navigation and distribute ‎marine publications, instructions and charts to them and monitor vessels personnel ‎for fulfilling respective Company work procedures.‎ c)‎ Inspect project’s vessels offshore as and when required or if there is any doubt ‎about its readiness to carry out safe operation to ascertain their compliance with ‎client’s marine requirement and has the right to instruct vessels and withdraw ‎permission from any vessel for safety reasons.‎ d)‎ Assist in emergency operations requiring safety vessels and deploy these according ‎to the need of the situation in coordination and as instructed by MCC.‎ e)‎ Maintain contact with MCC Supervisor at all time and inform the movement plan ‎of project marine traffic.‎ f)‎ Report all incidents and violation of marine regulations, damages to mooring ‎facilities and navigation aids.‎ g) Submit daily report on project’s activities including vessels / barges position to ‎Project Logistics Team Leader.‎ h)‎ Prepare and consolidate daily, weekly and monthly reports on performance of ‎all marine spread performance for HQ evaluation further necessary handling with ‎the contractors.‎ i)‎ Engage in offshore project operations including but not limited to barge move, ‎risk assessment and safety meeting.‎ j)‎ Monitor offshore weather conditions and report observation to Project’s operations ‎team, especially during marginal and abnormal weather condition.‎ k)‎ Conduct Quarterly Safety Meetings with offshore vessels and monitor the ‎performance of vessels masters and senior staff and direct them to conduct ‎safe operation with best practices infield operations.‎ I) Assist projects K project team in preparing marine procedures and regulations related to ‎the project.‎ m)‎ Warn marine traffic of diving operations, obstructions, constructions, sub-sea and ‎other maintenance works in progress within the project area and assist vessels in ‎distress or in danger.‎ n) Follow-up security passes validity of all vessels and crew members on board ‎Project’s vessels as per Critical National Infrastructure ‎Authority instruction.‎ ‎0) ‎ Supports traffic by coordinating inter field transport of Project’s ‎personnel and equipment. p)‎ Train UAE National Developees and client ‎newly hire offshore marine personnel.‎ q) Participate in offshore safety drills and ‎exercises of the Project.‎ r)‎ Maintain clean marine environment by responding to combat oil spills / gas leaks, ‎floating debris, floating dead fish, drifting buoys, etc.‎ s)‎ Incumbent should be available for cross posting to another marine position onshore ‎or offshore if and when required.‎ t) Perform marine duties in other locations if and when required ‎by the Team Leader.‎   Skill Set: a) Master Mariner Certificate of Competency (foreign-going).‎ b) 5 years experience in the Off Shore Oil Industry marine works and projects.‎ c)‎ Experience in Off Shore operations like towing, jack up barges and floating barges operations, sub-sea ‎and anchor handling operations, cable laying, trenching, Dynamic Positioning Operation … etc. is preferable.‎ d) Proficient in English with technical reporting, planning and organizing ‎skills. e) People management ability.

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  • Experience

    10 - 15 Years
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    Master Mariner Certificate Of Competency (Foreign-Going)
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