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Full Time


United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi


Responsible for fire related emergencies within Abu Dhabi International Airport and a surrounding of eight Km radius with response levels that are maintained at CAT 9 and CAT 10 in line with international safety standards.

Job Details

1 Ensure that the maintenance program for vehicles and fire equipment is followed across Abu Dhabi Airports to ensure that fire trucks and other equipment is properly functioning in line with required standards and ready and available to respond to fire emergencies
2 Plan and authorize the allocation of firefighting team and equipment for firefighting across Abu Dhabi International Airport in order to ensure that protection is maintained at CAT 9 or CAT 10 level at all times
3 Supervise fire fighters and their responses to emergencies in Abu Dhabi International Airport and the extent to which they are complying to standards of safety and professionalism
4 Handle the deployment of vehicles and equipment in the event of fire outside the boundaries of Abu Dhabi International Airport in order to abide by Abu Dhabi Airports commitments towards Civil Defense
5 Plan and approve the annual leave calendar of the firefighting team in order to ensure the base is sufficiently staffed at all times according to Standard Operating Procedures
6 Provide information and relevant piece of advice to support the preparation of the Airport Emergency Plan in regards to considerations related to fire equipment and vehicles
7 Closely work with Manager AES Training in order to conduct training evaluations for the firefighting staff’s technical proficiency and maintain training records
8 Ensure that risks and hazards are properly reported in order to ensure that corrective actions are properly and timely taken

Minimum Education Required
At least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline.
Professional Certifications Required
Certifications relevant to discipline.
Years of experience
An average of five years of relevant experience.
English Fluent
Arabic Preferred

Notes: The Job Description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee may perform other related responsibilities to meet the ongoing organizational needs.
HR may initiate a review exercise of all Job Descriptions as needed to ensure their validity across the organization. Both the employee and the Immediate Line Manager shall be involved in the exercise.

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  • Experience

    5 - 10 Years
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    Relevant College Degree
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